Political Science homework help

Hi, need to submit a 250 words essay on the topic Protecting Freedom Of Expression on the Campus.The author cites the recent wave of unrest t Harvard University. It is reported that a group of students were upset when their colleagues hoisted Confederate flags in public, while in protest, another student displayed a swastika. Debate concerning how best to deal with such incidents broke out. While some people consider the exhibition of such symbols as a way of exercising their freedom of expression, others hold that such actions should be restricted because they create rivalries between communities.According to the First Amendment, the display of such symbols is a form of expression and cannot be restricted, simply because it upsets a majority of people. Accordingly, people facing sucha situation should find a way of resolving the problem amicably. In the author’s view, it is only through dialogue that such acts can be resolved. According to Bok, just as officials at Harvard have held talks with students to educate them on the need for mutual respect, other agencies facing such problems should do the same (52).It is easier to resolve such issues of ethnic intolerance with dialogue. rather than restrictions. The use of restrictions would lead to public outcry, resulting in more problems. American universities should cultivate a culture of respect for our collective ideals, while respecting the freedom of

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