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Write 5 page essay on the topic Political Science paper about (Should the Arms Trade Treaty cover small arms).Thus, clearly, by direct control and monitoring of the small arms, the crime rate can also be controlled effectively.Secondly, as opposed to nuclear weapons or other large ammunition equipment, small arms are convenient to conceal. Also, these are smaller in size and lighter to carry which makes them easier to transport.Thus, terrorist groups can accumulate these light weapons which they can later utilize to carry a lethal operation during the aggravation of a conflictii. This is a classic case exhibit during civil wars.Furthermore, majority of the conflicts in civil wars effecting the civilian population involve small arms, being the more dominant ammunition used for criminal violence. The death toll of fire-arms in the post-conflict period is thus higher than that of the death toll during the climax of the conflictiii. This directly implies that the losses in a conflict can clearly be minimized by controlling small arms.Also, the armed violence leads towards the decay in social welfare. People flee their homes and tend to be threatened by the presence of small arms. Also, according to statement issues by the World Bank, nothing affects the investment opportunities in a state as do armed violenceiv. Thus, all negative indicators to economic development can directly be connected to small arms. Thus, with active exports and imports of small arms, there are chances that more and more number of people would have easier access to small arms which would tend to increase violence and decrease economic growth indicators.Lastly, there are presently no measures of transparency related to the available data on the presence of small arms on the global pretext. Thus, by virtue of small arms control and consistent monitoring of the data, eventually the data would be accumulated to a considerable extent, after which a database can be formed for future referencev. As opposed to small arms, the data on nuclear warheads and other conventional arms is

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