Practicum Experience Journal

Practicum Experience Journal.

Practicum Experience Journal
This week’s Journal entry will be added to your Week 7 and the previous course’s Journal entries.

This comprehensive Practicum Experience Journal demonstrates your ability to apply nursing and specialization theory to your practicum and practice experiences, along with your time log that provides evidence that you have completed the required practicum experience hours.

Drawing from evidence, concepts, and/or theories (evidence) learned in this program and your specialization, you will analyze one problem, issue, or situation (event) you observe during your practicum experience. You will decide if the observed event is consistent with or different from the evidence, how the event mirrors or differs from the evidence, and how evidence might be used to enhance the similarity or diminish the difference, if appropriate. Sometimes, a deviation from the evidence-based practice is necessary during different situations. If you do not work on-site with your preceptor in the week your journal is due, you may reflect on experiences from a previous week of your practicum for your journal entry.

For this assignment, you must use the template attached

Your journal entry should be week-based and sequential so that all journal entries are contained in one file. The journal entries must include the following:

•Describe the observed activity (no more than ½ page).
•Using an evidence-based approach, analyze the problem, issue, or situation.
•Include minimum of two scholarly sources, formatted according to APA requirements.
•Reveal how the real-world might mirror or diverge from program-related evidence, concepts, and/or theories.

NB: The observed activity is that a nurse is not following the right technique for intramuscular injection. Wrong site and wrong technique

Practicum Experience Journal


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