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This assignment is practice for your next major essay, the media analysis. As you analyze this commercial, think about the commercial you have chosen and how you plan to break it down to understand how it promotes stereotypes or messages about men, women, or society to the viewer. As we work through the discussion board over this commercial, you should be able to see how you will repeat this process for you own commercial analysis.The information presented here will be covered in your unit quiz at the end of the unit!  please watch video below. this discussion board, you analyze the Doritos’ commercial “Man’s Best Friend” as if you were writing a media analysis essay over it. Be sure you have watched the commercial several times and taken solid notes over it before beginning this assignment. Also, be sure you have the handout “Ten Tips for a Successful Media Analysis” near you to refer to and help you complete this assignment. Please answer the following analysis questions about the commercial “Man’s Best Friend.”List all of the myths, values, or beliefs you see in the ad (there are quite a few, so list at least three). Think back to the two documentaries that you watched to help you figure out the myths, values, or beliefs. Both Killborn and Katz listed and explained numerous ones about both men and women. Choose ONE myth, value, or belief from YOUR list, and list all of the evidence from the commercial that supports your claim (you might list ethnicity, behaviors or actions of the characters, dialogue, the storyline itself, the background, things or people who are missing and why, etc.) What are the consequences of reinforcing that myth, value, or belief in society? Remember that media and society are reciprocal. In other words, Society may behave a certain way (women stay home; men work), so media reinforces it. But it also works both ways. If media keeps telling society that a belief is reality, people will believe it. Therefore, when you see a value or belief being reinforced by a commercial, eventually that has an effect on the people viewing it. So what effect does this commercial have on its viewers based on the myth, value, or belief you discovered?  Finally, write a thesis statement for your claim. Here’s a handy template for creating a thesis statement for a media paper:The commercial “Name of Commercial” by Product Name [signal verb, i.e. reinforces, exemplifies, promotes, engenders] [claim about a myth value or belief].For example, “The commercial “In My Mind” by Kia promotes drug use in teens and young adults.”As always, you need to respond to two of your peers. When responding, you need to add any other myth, values, or beliefs that you found that your classmates did not. Look closely at the myth, value, or belief that your classmate chose and add any other evidence that you see could support his or her claim. Then comment on the consequences. Are there any other consequences that your peer missed? Add any you find that are missing. And finally, comment on your the thesis statement. Did the student write a claim or a summary? Make sure it is a claim.One last note, there is a thesis statement for this commercial on your handout. You may NOT use that thesis statement for your discussion board. It is there to help you see what possible myths are in this commercial. You must come up with your own! 250 initial post 100 each reply to peer

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