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Hi, need to submit a 1500 words essay on the topic Article Critique on article critique on Preferences for Friends and Close Relationship Partners: A Cross-Cultural Comparison. that I found in Academic Search Primer. Journal of Social Psychology, Aug 91, Vol 131 Issue 4, p579-581.The research based on two parts of questionnaire i.e. preference type and factor analysis and consequent statistical findings, with the help of facts and figures, reveal that both the nations maintain look for different characteristics in lovers and friends in almost all areas of interest. Moreover the findings show nationality diversification in both romantic partners and platonic friends on the basis of ethnicity.The research is highly supportive in estimating the liking and priorities among the people of belonging to various cultures, civilizations and socioeconomic as well as ethnic groups. In addition, it opens new dimensions of knowledge in respect of assessing and analyzing the desires of the individuals in the selection of companions and partners from different corners of the world.The authors submit to point out that cultural traits, social norms and environmental effects regulate the preferences and liking of individuals while setting their minds in choosing mates and friends in life. They are of the view that people belonging to different cultures as well as ethnic groups contain different characteristics while entering into a relationship as well as in making associates and companions. Goodwin and Tang describe the very fact that though many psychological researches had been conducted to measure the inclination of individuals in entering into romantic relationship and making friendships with other members of society with reference to cross-cultural dissimilarities and cross-nation disparities, yet no research can be declared as successful one in getting accurate outcomes before that conducted by Buss in 1986. They seem to be of the opinion that only organized and systematic researches can attain exact and comprehensive results. Taking the idea from the psychological research conducted by Bond in 1986, the researchers in the present study have

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