Research Paragraphs

Research Project: Each Module will include some web research. Since this is the first module, links have been provided to one site for each artist. There are many more. You may want to save some of the addresses, as favorites, so they will be readily available for future research. :Links will not usually be provided since this is to be a research project.

Look up the work of these artists. I have linked each of them to a site that will provide a few images and a little biographical information. They are a varied group representing several different approaches to art, personal and group styles.
Choose one artist and write a two paragraph response to their work.
In the first paragraph describe their work generally. How could it be categorized? Is it Impressionism, Art Nouveau, or a more personal expressive style? What medium are they using? What is the scale of their work? Is it massive or relatively small? Include any aspect of their work that you have seen that impressed you.
In the second paragraph record your personal responses to the work. Tell why you choose that artist. What was it about their work that evoked a response in you? Imagine yourself as an art critic (see the chapter on evaluating art) How would you evaluate this art?

Research Project

Be familiar with the work of these artists. Read the research project below and enjoy these sites.please ignore any pop ups that occur and make sure that you follow the links to see the images of their work.

1-Jan Van Eyck
2-Kathe Kollwitz
3-Leonardo Da Vinci
4-Claude Monet
5-Alphonse Mucha
7-Pierre Renoir (choose Renoir, or Impressionism from the selection on the left of their site)
8-Rene Magritte
9-Georgia OKeefe
10-James McNeil Whistler (choose Whistler from the selection on the left of their site)



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