Religious Studies homework help

Need an research paper on midterm. Needs to be 4 pages. Please no plagiarism. This issue has many sub issues, such as opinions of children on parents’ decisions. Monetary urgencies of children could be varied, as one child might require funds for own children’s education, and prefer selling of the property, while the other child might prefer regular rental income from the property. An agreement had to be reached among them to avoid discord later (Nash 1).Risks are attached on children’s occupation also. For instance, a surgeon can be dragged into litigation. So, the idea of leaving property to the children’s names during parents’ life-time carries many other risks as well (Nash 1).Caution is the best alternative although options are many, such as making a will that your home would be inherited by your children after your death. It is a tax-friendly and one of the less risky ways out. Gift the house to children in your life-time through a deed transfer. Home can also be gifted through an enhanced life estate deed. This option has added benefits of remaining in the home till life with the right to sell later, or after death it automatically goes to children upon parents’ death. Transfer of property to children is a personal and family matter, which demands a prudent decision, as per the situation (Nash 1).A commercial bank offers such banking products and services that provide guaranteed returns on customers’ deposits. Return may not be high but it is risk-free and assured. An investment bank offers highly innovative products to the investors that enable investment banks to earn high profits. Public money is invested in risky products, such as trading in financial markets and insurance businesses (Heakal 1).The Glass-Steagall Act (GSA) created a line between investment and commercial banking functions. This Act was passed in 1933 in the background of over-enthusiastic commercial bank intervention in stock market business, which resulted in crash of the stock market in 1929.

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