Response to first 3 chapters of Boyd & Silk Prologue

Response to first 3 chapters of Boyd & Silk Prologue.

Assignment 1: Relating to first weeks assigned reading: Boyd & Silk prologue and first three chapters.

Please follow the word count minimum-maximum range (in parentheses) for each when writing your answers to the following questions relating to the weeks readings. Be as detailed and complete as you can within the word count range.

1. (300-400 words) Chpt. 1      Using Darwins postulates below, describe a made up, but realistic evolutionary scenario where a bird species could evolve from not having migration south for the winter into a species that does have migration south for the winter. 
i.    i.    variation arising each generation between individuals within the species
ii.    ii.    a struggle for existence
iii.    iii.    heritability (offspring inheriting their parents variations)

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2. (100-200 words) Chpt. 1    What are the evolutionary origins of todays domesticated breeds of dogs and why is the process of their evolution considered artificial selection and not natural selection?

3. (250-300 words) Chpt. 2  Please write your best paragraph telling me about Mendels two main principles of heredity.

4. (250-300 words) Chpt. 2  Describe the cell processes (using the proper vocabulary from the second chapter) that result in an adults genes get copied and ending up contributing to 1/2 of the zygotes genes.


5. (100-150 words) Chpt. 2    Very briefly tell me how a gene (which is a recipe in molecular form) ends up being expressed in the body of the organism.

6. (75-100 words) Chpt. 3      Briefly summarize the essential understanding that the Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium provides for us.

7. (200-300 words) Chpt. 3    Regarding the modern synthesis, explain: 1) why early geneticists thought the Mendelian patterns of inheritance were incompatible with Darwins theory of natural selection, and 2) How this seeming incompatibility was reconciled.  In your answer be sure you explain how continuous variation comes about in populations (see Figures 3.5, 3.6, & 3.7 and accompanying text).

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8. (200-300 words) Chpt. 3  Write on the concept of adaptations focusing on: 1) definition of, and 2) two of (what you find to be) the most interesting limitations on adaptations.

Response to first 3 chapters of Boyd & Silk Prologue


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