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Compose a 1500 words essay on Racism in Australia. Needs to be plagiarism free!A massive collection of literature now states publicly that Australia is post-colonial. however, it cannot yet be illustrated in this manner although it does have a number of post-colonial components. Ken Gelder and Jane Jacob’s modern ‘Uncanny Australia: Sacredness and Identity in a Postcolonial Nation’, for instance, conceives Australia as post-colonial and determines the current wave of racism as postcolonial racism. However, this conception will no do, for it represses understanding that Australia is in several manners still a colonial society (ibid, 98).The concept of postcolonial may submit to an analysis of colonial structures of power and discourse, or, when portraying a form of society, then to those previous colonies, such as Malaysia, India or Indonesia, that achieved political sovereignty after the Second World War. Yet in connection to migrant societies such as Australia and New Zealand there is no equivalent or definite instance of decolonization. From the perspective of the aforesaid postcolonial societies, Australia is, to borrow Theresa Millard words, “the last country in the region to be decolonized, the place where the story didn’t end happily, where the colonizers didn’t go home” (Docker & Fischer 2000, 32)Racism is a significant and yet wide-ranging societal dilemma. It has assumed specific forms in societies such as Australia and New Zealand, where substantial flow of immigration and the multicultural foundation of current immigration regulation has led to progressively more racially diverse populations. In the contemporary period, racism in Australia has been mainly talked about during the supposed race debates in the latter part of the twentieth century, related to the ascendance of Pauline Hanson and her One Nation Party. On the other hand, the investigation of racism in the 1990s has been pioneered by cultural

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