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Hi, need to submit a 1500 words paper on the topic Privacy, Surveillance and Security. ization, when specially hired people collected information by listening to conversations, intercepting letters and watching people through small holes. It is quite obvious that nowadays the government has developed newer ways to perform surveillance. Indeed, at the present moment the population is being tracked with the help of different devices. For example, the all expression “to blend in with the crowd” has almost lost its meaning as it is possible to track the route of a particular person when one is using public transportation. Thus, the cards that people are using in the subway send data to the centre where this information is accumulated and all this allows other people to reconstruct a daily route of a person. In other words, the public transportation is no longer a means to travel secretly: it is being monitored by cameras and computers. In addition to that, driving a personal car also may not be considered to be a more private way of travelling. Thus, the development of technology contributed to the emergence of Automatic Number Plate Recognition systems which are able to identify the number plate of a car with great accuracy, regardless of the speed that the car is moving at (Lyon 2001, p. 18). Keeping in might that a lot of roads are equipped with this kind of systems, one should note that all this forms a widely spread framework when movement of a personal car is being closely monitored so a person can hardly go off the radar, so to speak. What is more important, the iconic devices of the modern world, namely smartphones, may also be monitored by the government. There is a legal framework that requires providers of communication services to record personal conversations and store them. moreover, the subject whose conversations are recorded may not be notified. (Bryant 2014, p. 183). Finally, the most popular platform for social interaction nowadays, namely the Internet, is being watched by the government too.

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