Sociology homework help

Compose a 750 words assignment on to the salem-keizer school district officials. Needs to be plagiarism free! While it is true that clothing related to gang membership might some day involve innocent students in crossfire between the police and the gang members in the district, it is also worth noting that clothing is not a definitive answer to catching criminals. Moreover, there are students in your school district who cannot immediately afford to buy clothing that you do not forbid. Would you threaten them with suspension just because they do not have money to buy clothes that you deem proper Ms Pat Abeene, the district’s Volunteer Coordinator, has stated that nonprofit groups might be able to help students with no money to replace banned clothes, and school counselors can direct students to those programs (Dress Code Leaves Some With Banned Brands). With all due respect, may I add that this offer is not even close to being useful, and if you do not provide the clothing yourself on an urgent basis, the parents of such students could sue the school district for suspending their children due to financial difficultiesThe prestigious Salem-Keizer School District has not given enough time to students’ families to buy clothing that the district considers appropriate.

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