Sociology homework help

* Papers must be a minimum of 3,000 words* Follow APA standards for formatting, citations, and reference page.* Even though this is not a scientific-type writing assignment, and is mostly creative in nature, references are required.* The final project should contain at least 6 authoritative, outside references (anonymous authors or web pages are not acceptable).* All DeVry University policies are in effect, including the plagiarism policy.* Any questions about this paper may be discussed in the weekly Q&A forum.* The course project is worth a total of 190 points, which is submitted in two assignments.1. Event Draft Budget, 45 points (week 3)2. Final Project, 145 points (week 7)* Papers will be graded on quality of research topic, documentation and formatting, organization and cohesiveness, editing, and most importantly, the quality of the content.The Course Project will be your own event, to include key theoretical elements from this course. In general, you want to focus on an event that’s big enough to be detailed properly and small enough to be completed within 7 weeks! In other words, do not choose the Olympics (too big) or your company’s annual Christmas Party (too small)!You are the Event Leader and planner of your event, and your course project should encompass the following items in the following sequence (use this as an outline for your project).1. Title page2. Table of content3. Introduction4. Expectations of the event planners, client, attendees, and other stakeholders. What are their goals? Then, review how you will meet those goals.5. Describe the concept and theme that you have selected based on the stakeholders’ expectations. Present any background or facts that will enable the reader to clearly understand the issues. Explain why you chose that concept and theme, and how it supports the goals of the event. Include the number of attendees, exhibitors (if any), location, date, staff, and any sub-events, as appropriate.6. Prepare the event budget and describe how you will realistically acquire needed funds (if through sponsorship, attendance, etc). Also include if this is a for-profit, break-even, or not-for-profit event.7. Review the contracts, permits, and ethical issues you may encounter. Explain any potential legal implications.8. Choose a location for this event. Research the Internet for various possibilities. Give a brief analysis and description of the location. Include a detailed description of décor, furniture, fixtures, or any special requirements.9. Describe how you will set this event. Include a timeline, which works backwards from the start time detailing the load-in factors and set-up times.10. Explain how you plan to market the event. How would you create interest with the potential attendees of the event? What type of pre-event communications might be used to motivate the guests or attendees?11. How will your guests or attendees be arriving? How are they traveling to the event? How will they be greeted when they arrive to the event site?12. Describe the event atmosphere and physical environment at the event site. Explain the venue at the event site.13. Describe your plan for any food or beverages served at the event: menu, serving style. Explain how the menu and serving style correlate with the concept and theme of the event.14. Describe your plan for activities at the event. Thoroughly explain the activities and what you require for this event. What type of entertainment will you have? An event is like a theatrical play; it has a plot, message, and characters (event components).15. When an event is over, all that is left are memories. What amenities might you give to your guests; a giveaway that will provide a tangible memory?16. Review the vendors you will be using to handle aspects of your event (such as catering).17. Detail technology you will be using — audio/visual, interactive, communications, or other special technology required for your event.18. Review safety and security policies, and procedures you would incorporate into the event.19. What accommodations do you need for special needs of your guests?20. Detail how you would manage the cleaning and breakdown of the event.21. Include a summary and/or conclusion for your project.22. Include a reference page.

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