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Write 17 page essay on the topic An Evaluation of the Recent IEEE 802.11ac Wireless Protocol.These tests will be done basing on a coding that was made using the MIMO technology.Regardless of the significance steps in technology, the wireless used today, LAN cannot present a sustained bandwidth of the same level with those of other wireless technologies. Therefore it was seen necessary to design another technology that was to be improved on its speed and efficiency. The main objective of the IEEE and the other organizations that are involved in drafting standards. Its aim in expanding the capabilities of 802.11n so that the speed for Wi-Fi can be improved according to the demands of those who use Wi-Fi. To improve the Wi-Fi efficiency it is proposed that the best way will be to break the barrier of the 1GB, which will be seen as the greatest achievement. For the many technologies that have come up to improve the Wi-Fi efficiency, 802.11ac is one of them and it is being adopted as the best in the consumer space. The suggested improvements that are to be made on the 802.11ac will enable it to have multiple streams of high-definition video on the Wi-Fi networks that are used at home. Other devices that will use the Wi-Fi for high resolution videos are the smart phones that are increasingly being put on the market and the new design of tablets. This article also discusses the security matters of using the wireless techniques. It views the :IEEE 802.11ac is one of the wireless networks that need to be approved by the international standard for it to start offering the wireless network services. This network is expected to take over the existing 802.11n. as it is planned, 802.11n is supposed to support the operations in the 2.4 GHz band. Using the network system is both advantageous and disadvantageous. The advantage is that it is fast and can be used anywhere there is the network, but the disadvantage is that the personal information is not guaranteed security and most of the time information is leaked

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