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Write a 4 pages paper on pepsi vs. coca cola. With the intense efforts of the company and the high levels of marketing and advertising, the company became renowned across the world. The company has adopted a number of different strategies for marketing as well as sales and has been able to develop strong brand recognition and brand equity across the globe (Pepsi, 2010). Pepsi owns a major part of the overall markets and the company has been able to build a strong brand image globally. Coca Cola is one of the leading companies throughout the world. Coca Cola has left a major mark on the industry and is recognized to be the largest and most famous soft drinks company across the world. The company was introduced in 1886 when the company produced a drink with the ‘Coca Cola’ syrup and carbonated water in Atlanta. However, over the years, the company has grown to become the world’s largest and most well-known companies across the world. Coca Cola has also been able to create goodwill and a trademark for itself. which has become invaluable and the goodwill that the company has been able to create for itself is very high. Coca Cola has been able to use its brand image and to develop and recover from the complete physical property loss that the company had been faced with. The company however with the name that it had created had been able to develop and gain back its position in the market (Coca Cola, 2010). Both the companies being giants in the industry will be compared and contrasted on three main areas, a) Strengths and weaknesses, b) financial perspectives and c) a comparison of the two companies as competitors. Moreover, the payout ratio is also significantly higher (56 %) indicating that the shareholders are paid a higher percentage of profits. This attracts more potential investors which in turn pushes the prices of the stock gradually. Hence the financial performance of Coca Cola can be considered better than Pepsi.

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