Steps to Writing a Literary Analysis

Steps to Writing a Literary Analysis.


Complete four prompts below:

A: Identify a specific “issue” in one of the texts we’ve read so far, and write a literary analysis. See the “Steps to Writing a Literary Analysis” handout to guide you in prewriting and organizing ideas before you begin composing. Remember that issues are defined as “a question with various debatable answers,” and claims are defined as “the debatable answers.”

B: Adichie notes in The Danger of a Single Story, “When we reject the single-story, when we realize that there is never a single story about any place, we regain a kind of paradise.” Choose a text from the collection we have read thus far, and examine how that text can serve as an example to regain paradise. What is the “single story” it might be responding to, and how does it offer another perspective?

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C: Choose a text from our collection, and analyze that text through the lens of literary criticism. This can be from the perspective of a Feminist lens, Gender Studies and Queer Theory lens, Critical Race Theory lens, Historical lens, Psychological lens, etc. Note: This can be a fascinating way to analyze a text but takes some practice, and we’re in the early stages. If you’d like to write on this prompt, I have many resources that can help guide you in your analysis.

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D: Continue our exploration of the topic “love” by writing an essay that seeks to answer the question, “What do we talk about (think, believe), when we talk about love?” Use the texts we’ve read thus far as examples to examine and answer this question.

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Steps to Writing a Literary Analysis


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