Survery For Art History

Survery For Art History.

Stefan Heidemann, et. al. The Large Audience: Life-Sized Stucco Figures of Royal Princes from the Seljuq Period. Muqarnas 31 (2014): 35-17.
– make sure that the work is not too advanced for me, basic reflection.

Create a thread with an appropriate heading for yourself.
Write a 300-word (minimum) post in the first person addressing your struggle with the reading material. Write about what you dont understand, or what you half-understand, or how the material connects to the previous week, or what about the material fascinates you and why. Do write in proper English; however, do not write anything that resembles formal writing.

Initial 300-words minimum post due by Wednesday, January 15 at 10 PM

Survery For Art History


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