The Space Between

The Space Between.

The space between exist in every single relationship we have
How do we negotiate that space, because that space is free, it’s open, it’s breathing, there is air, it’s not being inhabited by either finger but it could be inhabited by either finger, so it belongs to both, it’s shared even there is nothing to share except space, but what does all that means?

So picture every relationship you have in your life, it doesn’t matter if its romantic or friendship or co-worker. Every relationship you have in your life will have a space between you and them. How will you negotiate that space? If it’s a romantic relationship, how will you leave that space open as an expression of love that says “when you are feeling down or when you are feeling less than good, you take this space because it’s safe, and when I’m feeling less than good you give me the space, and when we are both good we will just let the space be. The space between us will always give us air to breathe, room to move and the ability to be free in that relationship”

The Space Between


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