Think about and do some independent research on the terms “quality of life” and “quality of care.

This discussion forum is designed to explore your thoughts on how quality in healthcare differs from quality in non-healthcare settings.   You must create your own thread and response before you can view the other students’ posts. Respond thoughtfully to the following inquiry/question: 1. Think about and do some independent research on the terms “quality of life” and “quality of care.” 2.  Provide an explanation and definition of each of these terms (quality of life versus quality of care) in your own words. While defining these two terms, answer the following: *How do these two terms differ yet how do they relate/similarities? *Can you have one without the other? *As healthcare providers and professionals, how can we promote, assure and measure care practices that maximize quality of life for residents/patients?
Also Check   Develop an informational brochure regarding the different developmental stages.


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