trace the scientific method in your everyday life

trace the scientific method in your everyday life.

The scientific method is the backbone of every science experiment, but it’s not just for scientists. Most people unconsciously use the scientific method on a daily basis, for example, when performing tasks like cooking or budgeting. While there are no “set in stone” steps for the scientific method, the general order is as follows:

Make an observation
Ask a question
Do background research
Form a hypothesis
Conduct an experiment
Analyze your data
Make a conclusion –> Do you accept or reject your hypothesis?

For your main post, in order to help you to better understand the scientific method and the process used, I would like you to give an example of something you have done recently in your daily life, in which you used the scientific method. In your post, please trace each of the above mentioned steps in your example. Additionally, please make sure you include your dependent/independent variables, any controlled variables, experimental/control groups (if applicable), and finally, make sure to state whether you accepted/rejected your hypothesis at the end. If you rejected your first hypothesis, then discuss how you re-traced your process with a new hypothesis.

trace the scientific method in your everyday life


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