VueJs API application

VueJs API application.

To get a better idea of how you build your web applications and where your skill level is at, I would like to see you build a web application using test data from

I would like you to complete this challenge using Vue.js

The application should:

Make use of the users, posts, and comments data from the jsonplaceholder api to show a list of all the users.
Each user should have a link to another page that displays all the posts that user has created.
Those posts selectable to show the comments in them.
You should also have navigation to return to the users page.
Implement state management.
Favorite/save posts to the store (Resets on page refresh).
At least 1 automated test using Vue Test Utils
This should be completed as a single page application that does not refresh the browser when switching between pages.
No back-end code is necessary. Good programming practices should be used. Styling is a bonus.

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VueJs API application


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