Week 2 Assignment I/O

Week 2 Assignment I/O.


Assignment Description:  In a document NO MORE THAN TWO PAGES LONG (not counting cover page and reference list), students must describe a real-world problem that addresses the weekly topic, and discuss a solution based on evidence.

Watch this video on Job Analysis:   https://goo.gl/h6L1oW

Read this article on Performance Reviews:  


(Note: This article is NOT a research article. You may cite it if you like, but it would not count as one of your required “research” articles. Its reference list may have some useful articles that you could read and use.)

Weekly Topic: Analyzing Jobs and Assessing Job Performance.

Scenario: Students need to create a work-related problem based on current or past experience.

Goal: Students will learn to use evidence-based methods to effectively Analyze a Job OR Assess Job Performance in a real-world scenario.

Action Plan: An action plan should address the problem using a clearly defined approach that is supported with evidence from the text and peer-reviewed research.

* This document is brief, but must be written with high quality.  No quotes or paraphrasing, but consistently use evidence to support your claims.  This will help you improve your writing style and prepare you for your dissertation.

EXAMPLE PAPER:  Organizational Psychology Scenario Paper.docx

Week 2 Assignment I/O


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