What are the core sciences for public health?

What are the core sciences for public health?

What are the two general strategies used by the federal government to influence public health? Give an example of each.

What is meant by the phrase “invisible constituency for prevention” (see Turnock, Chapter 1, p14)?

According to Turnock, why is it difficult to characterize the public health workforce as a profession?

GET HELP  Discuss the Nutrition construct of Purnell’s model as it relates to your selected culture and address each of the sub-constructs list below:

What are the three “Ps” of global health and how do they influence public health?

What is a health determinant?

What is a direct contributing factor?

What is an indirect contributing factor?

Describe the relationship between health determinants, direct and indirect factors?

Complete the ‘Health Problem Analysis Sheet’ for a health problem not used in the readings.

GET HELP  examine the role of industrial/organizational psychology in selecting and training

What are the four Overarching Goals of Healthy People 2020? Give an example of each.

What are the four components of population health and how do they relate to public health?

What is meant by the ‘improving-the-average’ approach in population health?


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