“What If” Discussion (csj 210) week 1

“What If” Discussion (csj 210) week 1.

You are a police officer assigned to a crime reduction task force. Your task force has been given a broken windows type task. You have been detailed to enhance the safety of a sector of the community that is generously described as a ghetto by the local media. There has been much media attention to this area and calls from the residents for increased police services and community help. This is an area that is underserved by the local government and the police.  There are threats of law suits addressing the lack of the social control and police protective partnership.

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Using the text as a source, what resources do you have available to you.
Describe the traditional police role of maintaining social order and fighting crime.
Determine a course of action using community input and guidance.
Identify the stakeholders within the community.
Create a plan to address the issues to the satisfaction of the effected community and the local government and the police. Specifically in your plan include the following:

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What the broken windows theory is.
How you will enhance the safety of the community.
Respond to the media addressing the lack of police services.

“What If” Discussion (csj 210) week 1


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