What is the employee performance review process in your organization?

What is the employee performance review process in your organization?. Question 1
Employee Performance Review (Chapter 10)
What is the employee performance review process in your organization? Discuss how employee performance review processes can be used to encourage work performance improvement. Describe an employee performance concern you have seen in the workplace and the action plan you would use to improve employee performance.
Question 2
Employee Training (Chapter 10)
Using the ADDIE model compare and discuss the training and orientation process used in a facility you have worked in (200 beds hospital). What are some components of the current training and orientation process in your facility that are effective? Why? What are some components that could be improved? How?
Question 3
Regulatory and Accrediting Bodies (Chapter 19)
Reference: (2)
Yoder-Wise, P.S., & Kowalski, K.E. (2006). Beyond leading and managing nursing administration for the future. Retrieved from The University of Phoenix eBook Collection database.
Choose a regulatory or accrediting body of your facility and discuss the roles and responsibilities of the nurse leader to obtain and maintain accreditation. If your facility received a deficiency discuss how you would address the deficiency.
Question 4
Risk Management
Reference: (2)
Please provide (2) references
How is risk management defined? How does this definition differ from what occurs in your organization? What is the role of the nurse administrator in risk management?
Question 5
Theoretical Models
Reference: (2)
Please provide (2) references
How do nursing theoretical models impact the future of evidence-based practice? List three theoretical models that would be conducive to your practice setting. Identify key components of the models and how they can be applied to your setting to yield positive client outcomes.
Question 6
Promoting Quality
Summarize this article. Provide an example How would you incorporate promoting quality in your workplace? How would you promote quality as a nurse administrater?

What is the employee performance review process in your organization?


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