World Religion

World Religion.

Here are the EXACT instructions.

Essay – #1
700 Words/ 8 Paragraph minimum
3 source minimum with works cited page. (no in text citations necessary)
Pick one of these four religions:
        Indigenous Religions (excluding Shinto)

Write about the BOOK, FOUNDER, A MAJOR DIVISION, OR A PRACTICE (examples: a holiday/ religious festival, wedding ceremony, or becoming a monk or shaman, one of their martial arts or foods or crafts)
Attention: Only weddings from Indian religions will be accepted and NO papers on Christmas like Santa or trees or Easter bunnies or eggs will be accepted Please avoid saying what you think other people should believe. Write about a religion you know little about.  Secondly, teachings/doctrines are more important than the window dressings/ practices, so please focus on them.

Pictures, charts and/or maps will help your presentation and grade.

you may state your opinion briefly in the introduction or conclusion, but the main information in the paper should give the viewpoint of the members of the religion you are writing about.  NO RANTS!

World Religion


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