Write a discussion question and a reasoning for two readings

Write a discussion question and a reasoning for two readings.

Read the three assigned text and pose a discussion question for each of them (not a question that can be answered with a simple Yes/No). Explain your reasoning for the questions you wrote.

The three assigned readings are attached below. Please have them written in the following format. Just write three separate paragraphs for the three different readings (does not have to be too long). First paragraph to answer the first reading, second paragraph for the second reading, and third paragraph for the third reading. For each of those paragraphs, create a discussion question and write down the reason for that question or why you wrote that discussion question/why you are interested in it.

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First reading: Carruthers & Ariovich Sociology of Property Rights
Second reading: Boyle Why Intellectual Property
Third reading: Corrigan Colmcille and the Battle of the Book

Write a discussion question and a reasoning for two readings


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